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It does not matter if we are single, married, parents or grandparents, we have all heard that noise in the middle of the night that has awakened us from a deep sleep.  We all know the feeling of your heart racing and the shock of "What do I do?"  These courses are designed to help put you in the right frame of mind so that you can make sound judgments based on your level of training to increase the chances of a safe outcome for you and your family.  

From the beginner who has limited to no experience in firearms and firearms safety, to advanced handlers.  We offer an array of courses designed to teach the safest and most efficient ways to handle and safely store firearms.  Courses range from accuracy to speed that will effect the way you defend yourselves or your loved ones.  Training in N.C. laws is provided that pertain to the use of a firearm for protection.

Ephesians 6, 11-18